About Asia’s Jewellery, Handbag and Accessories (AJHA) Conference & Trade Show


26 August 2023 

9.00am-5.00pm                            Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur


What is AJHA?
AJHA is Asia’s jewellery, handbag and accessories conference & trade event of the year.

For the first time happening in Kuala Lumpur on 26 August 2023, AJHA will be a vital opportunity to refresh your knowledge, gain insight into the latest trends, source new collections and materials to stock in your stores, learn how to improve your business and network with other fashion industry professionals.

All in-person Regular tickets include access to the full day conference, round table sessions and full-day catering.

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26 August 2023 (Saturday)


Opening Ceremony & Product Launch by House of Nayli B

Datuk Seri Isham Ishak

Secretary General, Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI)

Sarah Bakri

Director, Best Events Productions Sdn Bhd



ESG Issues in the Jewellery Industry: Balancing Beauty & Ethics

So what is sustainable and ethical jewelry?

On a macro level (in a nutshell) it is the transparent and responsible sourcing practices in the jewelry supply chain and the use of sustainable materials. It has a minimal impact on the environment, is not involved with conflict, and gives back to workers by way of fair wages and safe working environments.

On a micro level though, what a sustainable jewelry industry looks like is kind of like sustainable fashion…overwhelmingly complicated and more than a little convoluted. They share lots of elements, like supply chain concerns and overconsumption. However, the jewelry supply chain adds yet another complexity—mining.

This presents additional concerns for environmental and social welfare. In this session, Datin Dr Raskidah Ali shares her insights


Datin Dr Raskidah Ali


House of Nayli B

Datin Dr Raskidah Ali is the brain of Women TV Asia (WTA) and she is currently the Honorary Chairman of Malaysia Muslim Women Chamber of Commerce (DEWI), where she champions the exposure of Muslim women to the business world through the use of technology.
Datin Raskidah is also an advocate of a modest fashion and has launched Markamarie-Malaysia, together with co-founder Franka Soeria, a well-known Global Modest Fashion Expert.
Among her recent achievements are : Professional Certification from GPM Global (USA) and the Malaysian GPM Recognition Awards on Sustainability Leadership & appointment as the Honorary Chairman of ADAB (Association of Digital Asset
& Blockchain) Malaysia.



Empowering Local Textile and Accessories Manufacturing Investments

Malaysia’s textile and apparels industry needs aggressive marketing in order to continue growing. They will have to cope with issues related to technology; a dependence on foreign labour and import of raw materials; automation; and modernisation. This industry still lacks expertise in marketing its own products and brand names, continues to depend on contract manufacturing, and suffers from a lack of design houses and textiles/fashion hubs, a lack of design and development activities, and a lack of a skilled workforce in technical textiles. Beyond that,
most manufacturers have limited financial resources and technical competency. To benefit from Industry 4.0, enhance productivity and quality, prospective investors are encouraged to take advantage of MIDA’s facilities which will be discussed during this session.

Rozita Ibrahim

Director of Building Technology and Lifestyle Division


MIDA evaluates applications for manufacturing licences, tax incentives and matching grants, monitors the development of approved projects and post-approval applications.

MIDA supports and conduct conferences, seminars, workshops and specific project missions to attract foreign and domestic investment as well as to encourage expansion/diversification by existing companies. They organise dialogues with industry associations to identify the roadblocks and direction of the industry towards the development of a comprehensive industry ecosystem in Malaysia. They also provide dedicated assistance to investors in this industry. The Federation of Malaysian Fashion, Textiles and Apparels (FMFTA) was launched in collaboration with MIDA in 2019, in line with Malaysia’s initiative to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0. The federation was established as a response to the advent of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital printing, cloud computing and system integration that have impacted both the front end as well as the back end of the textiles and apparels industry.


Harnessing Brand Power and Celebrity Influence in the World of Jewellery

When you advertise a product or service online, you’re not only competing against thousands of other businesses in your niche, but you’re also up against the millions of gigabytes of content that people are exposed to every single day.

You can win this battle for attention in many ways: You can come up with a new hook, image or video that will make people stop scrolling to read your ad, or you can use content generated by other users — and so on.

All these tactics work, but they take a lot of time and skill to master. Luckily, there’s another way that is almost guaranteed to make people pay attention to what you’re offering — getting a celebrity to endorse your product.

Sammy Chong



Imagine starting a business with a only RM 200, fueled by dreams and passion for crafting elegance, and turned that small investment into an eight-figure business. The woman who turned her aspirations into a glittering reality – the brain behind Celovis Jewellery – Sammy Chong will be sharing the secrets behind her branding strategy that took her business to remarkable heights.


Networking Break


From Local to Global: Launching a Successful Fashion Brand

Going global is the latest trend that is gripping the market swiftly. Experts say that gone are the days when going global used to be a luxury. It has, now, become the need of the hour. Brands that want to survive the cut-throat competition need to expand their horizons. It is time companies step out of their comfort zone and explore their real caliber on the international platform. If executed properly, globalization can take the profits and revenue of a fashion brand to greater heights.

When fashion brands go global, they get an opportunity to help more people find what they are seeking. Moreover, it also gives greater access to industry talent, and brands can further diversify their clothing line. This session will explain how you can launch a global brand.

Jay Ishak


Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA)

Jay Ishak brings invaluable skills to her role as the President of the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA). With a visionary mindset, she is dedicated to driving MODA’s exponential growth through collaboration, innovation, and advocacy. Jay’s passion lies in cultivating a dynamic and thriving fashion community, while her commitment to supporting Malaysian Fashionpreneurs involves providing them with global scaling opportunities. With unwavering dedication, Jay is poised to lead MODA to unprecedented success, elevating the Malaysian fashion industry to new heights.

11.50AM- 12.10PM

Handbags: What Sells and What Repels

The global handbags market size was USD 47.51 Billion in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period. The demand for handbags has increased as a result of growing popularity of designer Bags in various styles, which is driving the market revenue growth. The demand for handbags is increasing gradually as more individuals are drawn in by their fashionable appeal, high-quality product, and attractive appearance. Demand for the product is expected to rise which can be attributed to the boom in the travel and tourism sector. Post COVID-19 there is rising demand for handbags as more people go on vacation post lockdown and they are using handbags for carrying necessary items.. Find out what the bag industry will look like in the next few years.

Michael Aw

SEA Regional Director


Michael Aw is the South East Asia Regional Director of Kepulauan, a cultural firm that envisions to create brands and products that tells stories from different geographical regions. This start-up has won the 22th Excellent Start-up Awards by Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide and Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

12.10pm- 12.30pm

How to Enhance Malaysia’s Position and Role in the Global Shoes Supply Chain

In 2017, the value of Malaysia’s footwear export revenues was RM652.7 million. Unfortunately, for the last ten years, Malaysian footwear exports have decreased. In this session we uncover what are the challenges local footwear makers are experiencing and what are the technology, regulation and strategies we need to implement to elevate Malaysia’s role in the global footwear supply chain.

Nelissa Hilman


Nelissa Hilman

In 2011, then-chemical engineer Nelissa Hilman decided to pursue shoemaking at the POLIMODA Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. The opportunity opened up her world to the immense world of art and fashion. Combining her passion for science and arts, she established her namesake footwear label in 2012.

Nelissa Hilman designs shoes that celebrate women. When trying to craft the perfect pair of shoes, emphasis is given on classic design with distinctive youthfulness, comfort, sustainable material, and craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted locally to revitalize the heritage of the Malaysian shoemaking industry. Since its inception, Nelissa Hilman has actively collaborated with local and international fashion designers, visual artists, and design studios.

12.30pm- 1.00PM

AIGC for the Garment Industry- Design Industry Changes

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and the fashion world. Join us as we uncover how artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) is transforming content creation, from design concepts to manufacturing processes, and revolutionizing the way the fashion industry operates.


Assistant General Manager

Hangzhou Shentu Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 

Deep Map Intelligence is a company focused on Al artificial intelligence software research and development, deep in the field of clothing. Self-developed large model of clothing algorithm, with AI intelligent clothing design as the core, to assist enterprises to carry out AI intelligent upgrade of clothing design process, reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of style research and development. 

1.00pm- 2.00pm

Networking Lunch

2.00pm- 2.20pm

From Likes to Buys: How TikTok Drives  Engagement in Retail

With over one billion users every month, TikTok is the place where communities gather, where entertainment, creativity and culture collide and where brands have a unique opportunity to get discovered and drive action among their audiences. At AJHA, learn how TikTok Drives Engagement in Retail

caroline ang

Growth Catalyst

Dcontessa Strategic Consultancy

Caroline Ang, a licensed chartered company secretary and corporate governance professional, is a reputable influencer renowned for her management consultancy and digital transformation work. She is active in the Government, university and private sectors. As a recipient of the Knight’s Award 2023 for Outstanding Growth Catalyst and Asian Outstanding Business Icon, she is also an accredited Innovation Manager (US) and industry mentor, applying her diverse expertise and strong business acumen to drive growth and sustainability.

2.20pm- 3.10pm

Roundtable Discussion: Creating a Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem

By using sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. Sustainable manufacturing processes, such as using less water or generating less waste. Ensuring that workers in the fashion supply chain are treated fairly and paid a living wage. This Roundtable Discussion led by Suzy of Kloth Circularity will see conference participants discussing how best to ensure that their business puts sustainability in the forefront




Nik Suzila (Suzy) co-founded Kloth in 2013 with Sarah Kedah, both inspiring to become the leading social enterprise in catalysing the textiles, clothing and plastics circular economy. They have built brands including Kloth Cares, Kloth Woman Up, Kloth Textile, Kloth Wear and Crush-It by Kloth Cares.

Through the Kloth Cares fabric recycling movement, over 5 million kg of unwanted fabric items have been collected since August 2018. In addition, Kloth Textile and Kloth Wear have sold textiles and clothing made from at least 200,000 loose plastic bottles to corporate customers who wanted their uniforms sustainably made. Furthermore, Kloth Woman Up produced over 25,000 upcycled products, all sewn by ladies from economically vulnerable and marginalized communities. Kloth is currently operating in Malaysia and Singapore.

3.10pm- 4.00pm

Panel Talk: Paving the Road to Sustainable Fashion Practices

For decades, there have been continued debates surrounding sustainability and the fashion industry’s position in implementing and maintaining a sustainable value chain, where renewable resources from the environment can be continually used and human rights are protected. Focus and blame generally turn to the manufacturing, production, and distribution parts of the chain, but other aspects are not usually at the forefront of the mind especially when it comes to the consumer standpoint.

In this session we will discuss how brands can take a more sustainable approach to the whole manufacturing, shipping, and selling process.

Low Ngai Yuen

Chief Merchandise & Marketing Officer


Low Ngai Yuen, a multiple award-winning workaholic is now the Chief Merchandising Officer for AEON Group. Also a passionate entrepreneur, she supports two causes: the 21 year old Persatuan Kakiseni that champions the arts and its advocacy; as well as founding WOMENgirls, an NGO dedicated to program interventions to remind women as role models to younger girls to achieve their potentials. 

Yuen also sits as an independent director contributing to 2 public listed companies;  GDEX Berhad and OCK Berhad. GDEX is a logistic and freight company while OCK is in the business of telecommunications network services and energy. 

Whuan Ghee

Area Sales Manager


Whuan Ghee is an Area Sales Manager at DHL Express Malaysia, overseeing the Central Region and East Coast portfolio. In his role, he is responsible for driving performance towards key revenue, shipment, and profitability targets. With a proven track record of more than 20 years in the logistics industry, he has served a diverse customer base ranging from homegrown MSMEs and local listed companies to leading global brands across equally varied sectors. Whuan Ghee brings this experience to the fore as he steers his team in developing new and strengthening existing areas of business. 

eyza rizan



Eyza Rizan is a dynamic woman who carved her path in the fashion industry with her brand, “Scarves By Rizan,” after gaining valuable experience in the corporate world since 2014. 

Eyza’s dedication and industrious approach shine as she skillfully engages with internal stakeholders, addressing issues related to commercial focus areas. Her deep understanding of market needs enables her to strategically engage with customers and expertly resolve multiple and complex challenges. 

 In addition to her brand success, Eyza’s journey in the fashion realm began in 2011 when she was scouted as a Social Media Ambassador for prestigious fashion brands. Her talents as a freelance content creator, model, and gifted reviewer for renowned fashion products further solidify her influence and impact in the industry. 


4.00pm- 4.20pm

How to Execute Effective Ads and Social Media Marketing Strategies

Having a social media presence is necessary. Not only do your customers expect it, but it’s a great tool for learning more about your target audience and connecting with individuals online. With the use of organic social media marketing, you can get to know your followers and find better ways to promote your products and services.

However, you can also learn how to advertise a small business on social media with a limited budget to help your content reach more potential customers. Social media platforms have many options for reaching more customers; it’s just up to you to create engaging content that makes prospective customers want to learn more about your business and brand.


Creative Director and Founder


Sheena graduated from Parsons The New School for Design and has worked for different companies such as Zalora Indonesia, Chanel, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and more. Prior to starting OCWA, Sheena started her fashion consulting business called GABSTER Fashion providing one stop solution for fashion brands locally and internationally. Her company has helped brands from branding, sales, manufacturing, and more. OCWA was born in 2020 during the pandemic, never paid for any endorsements, yet the brand grew rapidly organically. Sheena aims for OCWA to be one of the biggest female owned genderless fashion brands.

4.20pm- 4.40pm

Rethinking SEO for Revenue Growth in Retail

Most metrics we use in SEO, including traffic and rankings, are just vanity metrics. It’s high time we reconsider success in SEO through a different lens—revenue growth. Learn how to increase organic traffic and turn visitors into paying customers. With 8.5 billion searches daily on Google, this is a goldmine that you can’t afford to ignore.

david chong



David Chong advocates a revenue-driven approach to SEO. He is a firm believer in tying SEO results to revenue growth and not vanity metrics such as rankings and traffic. He has consulted for venture-funded startups, conglomerates, and SMEs.


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The show caters to trade professionals only, from a wide range of jewellery businesses, from established high street retailers to independent designers and online sellers.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • CEOs
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